Q. Does the repair shop call my insurance company or do I?
A. You must call in your claim yourself. There are numerous questions your agency will ask you that we cannot answer on your behalf.

Q. Am I allowed to choose the repair shop that I want to fix my car?
Yes. By law you have the option to choose who will repair your vehicle. However, some insurance companies do have criteria that auto repair shops must meet to qualify for their program. Be sure to check your policy for details and/or contact your insurance agent with questions.

Q. Will my car be repaired to be just like new?
A. The insurance company is obligated to bring your car back to pre-accident condition. However, not all auto body repair shops have the same level of experienced staff, reputation for quality or successful track record. When choosing an auto body repair shop, please keep these invaluable points in mind. Our technicians have years of experience in the auto body industry.

Q. How will I get around while my car is in being worked on?
A. If there is rental car coverage on the policy or if you are a claimant to another person’s insurance company, then they are responsible for paying for a rental car for you. Please note, this service can be arranged at our location for direct billing and delivery when you drop off your car for repair. Also, if there is no rental coverage provided, we have a fleet of "loaner cars" that we own that can be used at no additional charge.

Q. What if my insurance company estimate is lower or different than my original estimate from the shop? Do I have to pay the difference?
A. No. Our shop will work with your insurance company regarding any price differences. It is not uncommon for there to be a difference in estimated cost, after all this is why they are called estimates.

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